‘Enemy at the Gates’ Download and Reviews

December 23, 2009 by Paul Wall  
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“Enemy at the Gates” Movie Details

Enemy at the Gates tagline: Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes.
Duell — Enemy at the Gates - DVD Cover

Enemy at the Gates DVD Cover

  • Mikhail Matveyev
  • Jude Law Vassili Zaitsev
    Ed Harris Maj. König
    Rachel Weisz Tania Chernova
    Joseph Fiennes Commisar Danilov
    Bob Hoskins Nikita Khrushchev
    Ron Perlman Koulikov
    Eva Mattes Mother Filipov
    Gabriel Thomson Sacha Filipov
    Matthias Habich Gen. Paulus
    Sophie Rois Ludmilla
    Ivan Shvedoff Volodya
    Mario Bandi Anton
    Hans Martin Stier Red Army general
    Clemens Schick German NCO
    Directors: Jean-Jacques Annaud
    IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 out of 55,134 votes

    “Enemy at the Gates” Movie Review

    “Duell — Enemy at the Gates” Plot Summary

    Two Russian and German snipers play a game of cat-and-mouse during the Battle of Stalingrad. add synopsis

    Smashing good movie

    There is something odd about Russian peasants talking in articulate, middle-class British accents, but it works. I’m not sure why. Something symbolic about the nobility of the common man?Ed Harris doesn’t bother with accents either. In fact, nobody does. It’s probably for the best

    This is a pretty gripping movie, as is any movie where the lives of all the characters can end with the mere squeeze of an index finger from some unseen place

    Watch this movie. Despite what you might read here, it’s a lot better than rubbish like Saving Private Ryan. Though it might be a shock to the system for many of you to have no Americans to barrack for.

    Duell — Enemy at the Gates - Movie Still 1 Enemy at the Gates Movie Still 2 Duell — Enemy at the Gates Movie Image 3 Enemy at the Gates Screen Image
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    Bloody brilliant

    This film puts across WW2 action like never before. The action is full on and the characters are superb. Jude law plays an excellent Vasilli Zaitsev, a young Russian farm boy from the Urals trying to cope with the horrors of war and balancing this with the fate of the Red army on his shoulders. Ed Harris plays Major Konig, a ruthless proffesional, hardened by years of military training and war. Overall this film is excellent

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    A great presentation of a patriot and a soldier

    A great hero of the history has been portrait in a great manner. From frame one to end, a character has been shown developing. Cinematography is very well done throughout the movie. Ed Harris has portrait the character excellently, showing his mettle in every shot

    Throughout the movie, the one on one situation of the lead characters is a great showcase of the director’s class

    The movie is purely WAR, but still its a story of a character. Portraying wars are tough job, and I must say Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud has done a great job

    War heroes are always been a great subject, but really doing justice to them is a tough job on a celluloid. But director has done a great job. Attempting such a name like Vassili Zaitsev from the history is really great.

    “Enemy at the Gates” 2001 Trailer

    ‘Enemy at the Gates’ – Some Men Are Born To Be Heroes.

    Duell — Enemy at the Gates Movie Download Link

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